How to manage software development projects using Notion

  • If you use Notion for other purposes, you can have all the information in on single place.
  • You can invite other users easily, e.g. clients. This allows them to keep updated on the development status.
  • Publish specific pages, like software docs, to be easily found by other users.
  • Flexibility to create your own development processes. Do you develop with Scrum, XP or waterfall? All the methodologies are compatibles with Notion.

Don’t put the car before the horse

  1. Analysis. In this stage, we need to know all the information about the project. It’s so important to avoid doubtfulness and to make the idea as clear as possible.
  2. Design. When we know all the information about the project, we will design the firsts prototypes and mockups. These will implement a part of the design and functionality of the final product.
  3. Development. No description is needed!
  4. Test. This stage is so important. However, some team leaders o product managers choose to omit it if resources are limited (spoiler: goes wrong).
  5. Maintenance. The last phase. Once the system has been deployed and all tests have been passed correctly, it must be maintained (solve bugs, add new features, update libraries, …).
Waterfall model

Project dashboard

Project dashboard
  • Information. General information about the project such as a description, deadline, problem to solve, …
  • Featured links. Webpages, docs or articles that may be of interest for development.
  • Requirements. Project requirements are conditions or tasks that must be completed to ensure the success of the project.
  • API Keys. Notion is a very secure tool, but be careful of annotating secret API keys. Be sure that only the right team members have access to this page.
  • Technologies. Information about technologies or frameworks that are used in the project development.
  • Docs. Our software documentation. This page could be shared with the client.
  • FAQ. Some Frequently Asked Questions that would be of interest to the product owner, stakeholders or developer team.

Versioning and features management

Version page

If you find out something better, buy it!

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